Snail's Pace Quilt Pattern

Snail's Pace Quilt Pattern

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Snail’s Pace is a delightful quilt that is sure to be fun from creation to final use! The swirly shells allow you to show off your scrap pile or your new favourite collection. The use of Foundation Paper Piecing is how you’ll achieve those perfect points and tiny antennas. If you’re nervous about trying your hand a paper piecing—never fear! Rachel's patterns all assume that you’re a beginner and includes a helpful dictionary is at the back.

This easy quilt pattern has been tested for accuracy and clarity. 

Sizes include:

  • Runner - 60" x 17"
  • Wall Hanging - 28.5" x 30"
  • Baby - 36" x 41"

Designed by Rachel Rossi.

+ This is a printed paper pattern. +